Welcome and mabuhay!

Sooooo….. It’s either you’re one of my earliest fans, a relative whom I ‘accidentally’ sent a link deceptively labeled as ‘porn’, or someone who just scrolled so far back that it feels like time travel.

This blog will mostly contain fun facts, trivia, funny jokes (and irritating ones too.), serious advice hidden in anecdotes, rantings and useful information that will save you so much time in anticipation of the unknown. The REAL purpose of this guide.

Just before I came here, being in the Facebook era, I Googled the place. Did some recon you know… And found useful information, of course. It contained the usual encyclopedic entry of the number of the population, land area, the works. yes, it had some tips for┬átravelers but it was from a white guy’s point-of-view. He admitted that being a UK national had perks in the Kingdom. He also noticed that Asians get more ‘discrimination’ at the airport being hassled by airport security when he, the ‘white guy’ ┬ájust breezed through.

It took me a while to collect enough information about this part of the world, including lore, beliefs and dark secrets. Good thing for you, I’m here to show you the ropes. Sort of.

Of course, there must be another one like this in the hundred thousand or so blogs in the internet. But there’s nothing as AWESOME as this.

Buckle up, you’re in for a ride.